Keeping pace with the rapidly growing market of CNG in Africa is essential in the era of promoting sustainable and environment-friendly energy. This is your golden opportunity to introduce and expand your business into this burgeoning market. Showcase your product and service at our exhibition which attracts members of the local and international CNG community. 

Why Exhibit at CNG Africa?

Position as Market Leaders

Let our extensive marketing campaign define and showcase your business as one of Africa’s CNG industry leaders. You will gain first-hand knowledge, new strategies and developments that will bring you success in the burgeoning CNG market.

Facetime with Key Stakeholders

We offer you an unparalleled opportunity to gain invaluable face-to-face time with all the investors, mentors and partners you need, as well as access to our renowned regional and global network of investors. With key decision makers especially Tanzania CNG Association attending, CNG Africa is the event for you to make business connections that will take your businesses to the next level.

Bird Eye Viewed Gauge Of The Industry

Get a realistic account of what’s currently trending in the market and an opportunity to analyse the Africa CNG industry as a whole.

Establish and Boost Your Brand Recognition

A unique opportunity to differentiate your brand, creating an impression on current and potential customers to increase your customer base domestically and internationally.

Bridge The Gap Between You and Your Target 

First-handedly generate new leads and valuable feedback to expand and improve your business at CNG Africa. Communicate directly with attendees and create a mutually beneficial relationship that can be further developed through the physical introduction and communication to get acquainted with your target group, and understand the pulse of your target audience.